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Emotional Freedom Technique

Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT and also known as Tapping, is a very simple and effective method of releasing negative energies.

Gary Craig was the founder of this technique, which developed out of Roger Callaghan’s Thought Field Therapy. Tapping on acupuncture points of the face and fingers releases negative emotions/physical pain, especially when you are experiencing them at the time and often results in immediate subsidence of the feelings and/or pain.  


There are many imitators of this technique and many tapping “scripts” which only work in a general or global way and don’t get to the heart of your own issues.

I will often use EFT at the end of a Body Code session to “cement” the work done.

Please note: The EFT works in conjunction with other therapies and alongside traditional Medical treatment. It is advisable to discuss with your Doctor or Health Care Professional before commencing any other treatment. Please read the Disclaimer on the Energy Psychology for Performers main page.

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