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Energy Psychology for Performers

Why energy psychology and what use is it to a singer - actor - conductor - musician -  radio or television presenter or any performance related activity?

Having been a singing teacher for over 30 years, I have come to understand that there are many things that inhibit the free expression of the voice. Singers after all, are human beings. We are all conditioned from the cradle to the grave, by our parents, teachers, friends, work colleagues and life experiences. We might even have achieved a great technique and have an amazing talent, but still something eludes our attracting success in our chosen profession. I know from personal life experiences how these affect the voice and performance.


Energy techniques such as The Body Code, The Emotion Code and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT or tapping) have tremendous value in removing the blocks holding us back.


For example, in The Emotion Code, the presence of the Heart Wall really does affect our ability to express our innermost feelings safely. The Heart Wall is made up of emotions trapped in and around the heart to create a “wall” to protect our innermost being.  It can cause depression, numbed emotions, disconnection from others, lessened ability to give and receive love, and can cause: neck pain, shoulder tightness and heart problems.


Needless to say, neck and shoulder tension affect the voice and its ability to work freely, also causing tightness in the chest.  I have removed many Heart Walls, and the result on the voice was incredible - the student “opened up” and felt safe to express what was truly inside them.  When I got rid of mine, the effect on the audience was palpable.


EFT has given wonderful results for relieving nerves just before a performance and during a performance. I have even been called to the dressing room in the middle of an opera, because a singer was having a problem during the performance, and after practising EFT for a few minutes, was able to continue and sing without any problems whatsoever.


The reason why I was attracted to this work, is because it is non invasive and quick.  I find that talking therapies might help only so far in understanding what is wrong, and while it is good to verbalise, especially if you’ve never done so, it never gets to the heart of the matter, which is, getting rid of the problem entirely.  It just keeps you in the loop – analysis paralysis in my opinion.  It also only really deals with the conscious mind, whereas the energy techniques tap into the subconscious mind, which is where most of the conditioning is stored.

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